Dedicated to Understanding Grief

Howard Lunche, MSW, LCSW


The normal course of life brings loss and grief to everyone. It is painful and disruptive. Sometimes it feels foreign and confusing. The purpose of these pages is to help you understand grief that is the natural consequence of a death, and facilitate your thinking about what will help you and others during a time of bereavement.


Click the links below to read about many aspects of grief. The information is useful to people who are grieving and people who are providing support.  The sequence of the pages is intended to develop your understanding in a logical way, but each page stands on its own if you prefer to pick and choose based on your personal interest.


Definitions | Grief | Starting Points | Common Grief Reactions | The Universal Response | The Pain | Paradox | The Personal Side | Personal & Relationship | Timing & Circumstances | Culture & Religion | Mourning | Making Time to Mourn | "Closure" | Never Too Late | Owning Our Grief | What Helps | Allowance | Acknowledgment | Remembering | Support | Acceptance | Meaning | Complications to Grief | Alcohol & Drugs | Conflicted Relationships | Multiple Losses | Risk of Harm | Stigmas and Traumas